Ask the Pilot Makes TIME’s Best Blogs of the Year List

Time magazine has included yours truly on its “25 Best Bloggers, 2013” list. You can see the full list here.

They’ve also included my friends James Fallows and Bruce Schneier, both of whom have been kind enough over the years to link to my work numerous times, both here and when my column ran in Salon.

Thanks to reporter Harry McCracken, whose write-up on ASK THE PILOT does a good job of capturing the scope and tone of the website. (And I have to say it looks quite handsome up in that montage of home pages, does it not?)

I’d like to tell you the honor comes with a huge cash reward, or that sales of my book are going through the roof, or that millions of new readers have been clicking away at my Google ads. Alas, so far all I’ve received is a congratulatory gift-box of candy from the good people at UNREAL candy.


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18 Responses to “Ask the Pilot Makes TIME’s Best Blogs of the Year List”
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  1. Sindhu says:

    Can you please tell me, going for A320 type rating now, after covid19 will be a good decision? I am confused. Will the job openings come up in next one year?

  2. Jyot Negii says:

    Hi can you tell me about european flight academy of lufthansa. Is it good to choose or not? I am confused. I have seen their websites completely so just need your suggestion. suggestion and I am Indian so guide me about too, Are they Good?

  3. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the article for MH 370, it is amazing. Please keep writing your essay. I am appreciate from your point of view, I can see the whole story. I am ordering your book too. Keep up the good job.

  4. Albert says:

    Hi Patrick. Good to see that serious work gets major media recognition. I found your site a few years ago looking for info on turbulences, and you are the one that was able to explain the phenomenon rationally and in a language I could understand. In fact, what I like best about your writing is that as a pilot you go to great lengths to acknowledge the passenger’s point of view.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. JamesP says:

    Nicely Done!

  6. Pam says:

    Congrats! Love your blog. And I bought your book!

  7. Mark says:

    Congratulations! Very well deserved! You maintain a consistently high standard here.

    FYI, the Harvard Business Review website has a new article on airline competition and the legacy of deregulation:

  8. Shawn says:

    Congratulations Patrick!

  9. Mattthew says:

    Too Cool! I love your blog! Your book is also great. Thanks.

  10. Leandro says:

    Awesome! Congrats my friend. Well deserved.

  11. Elizabeth Matheson says:

    Congratulations, Patrick! Sorry there’s no cash reward, no increased book sales, etc.! Candy is good, though! LOL

    Keep up the great work! I love reading your blog, articles, books, etc.! I recently introduced your work to my attorney too! He’s hooked!

  12. Carlton says:

    I can totally understand why! Keep the essays, stories and blog entries coming. I have also really enjoyed your book.

  13. Ma Zhenguo says:

    I am writing from gate S9 at SEA-TAC airport, and your book features prominently on Hudson News’ shelves!!

  14. MAS says:

    Congratulations, Patrick! In an age when rational and reasonable voices are increasingly drowned out by hysterical ones, I consider you a national treasure.

  15. DV Henkel-Wallace says:

    As others say, so well deserved! I hope this means more people will see and understand a rational view of air travel, not to mention gain an appreciation for Hüsker Dü.

  16. Kevin says:


  17. Alex says:

    Congratulations Patrick, it is well deserved.

    Salon was wrong to drop you, but then again they’ve been getting rid of every rational voice on that site. It’s becoming a bastion of the radical, borderline militant left wing.

  18. JS says:

    Congrats! That’s awesome, and totally deserved.