February 2, 2018.   Lufthansa Blues

The devolution of airline liveries continues unabated. And it’s especially depressing when a stalwart like Lufthansa joins in. Here you see the carrier’s new look, unveiled this week.

The template, i.e. the diagonal tail band, isn’t the trouble. What sinks this one is the lack of color. Yellow, specifically. Lufthansa without yellow is like sky without blue. Yellow — some would call it gold — has been part of the Lufthansa livery for the better part of a hundred years, and they’ve bleached it away. The result is both anemic and disrespectful to the company’s proud history.

Not everyone will agree, and you’ll be hearing words like bold, handsome, crisp. What the carrier should have done, instead, is brought back its ’70s-era paint job, fuselage stripe and all (see photo below). That would’ve been bold.

Though at least the crane is still up there, and there are no meaningless curves or swishy things. It’s a disappointing look, and it could have been a lot worse. What a sad combination that is.

Lufthansa in classic blue and gold.   (Photo by Udo Haafke.)


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