Ask the Pilot on Social Media

May 21, 2019

YOU’VE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB staying clear of the whole social media thing. But then your agent says, in that certain tone of hers, “You really ought to join in.” If only for promotion, she says. It helps sell the book. It helps promote the site. Gets your name out there, and all of that.

And so, late to the party as usual, Ask the Pilot now has an Instagram feed. Is that the right word, feed? Channel, account, timeline… whatever you call it, it’s there, and you’re invited to subscribe.

Most of the photographs will be travel-oriented, though plenty too will be of and from airplanes and airports. Initially, to get things going, I’ll be recycling some older pics from trips and flights around the world. Look for ASKTHEPILOT.

We already went through this with Facebook and Twitter, you might recall.

On Facebook you’ll find three separate pages. The first is the official Ask the Pilot fan page (can it be a fan page if the author himself is creating it?). In addition to the latest posts and stories, it features photos and tidbits that aren’t part of the ATP site itself.

The second page is my personal page. This one is for friends, family, and my more devout and obsessive groupies.

Page number three is dedicated to my book. It includes news, purchase links, and photos.

And lastly, of course, is Twitter, from where I normally tweet links to the newest stories on the site, plus updates on media appearances, etc.

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